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"Regular deep cleaning will not only keep your carpets & rugs looking good and smelling fresh, but will also prolong their lifespan"

Every day particles of dust, grit and grime work their way to the bottom of your carpets and rugs where no vacuum cleaner can reach. Left there they will act like abrasives, rubbing against the fibres of your carpets and rugs like sandpaper,damaging and spoiling the look for ever more! You wouldn't leave your best woolen coat or other clothing in the same way as your carpets, months or years on end without cleaning, just think how they would look and smell without being maintained!

"Regular deep cleaning removes pollutants and bacterias that cause allergies and not so nice odours."

Removing these bacteria's deep down from your carpets and rugs is a must, none of us really realise what is hidden at the bottom of our carpets and what we live on top of day to day.


Yeovil carpet & rug cleaners 

Willclean have the solution for you whatever your needs. A range of various  types of professional carpet & upholstery cleaning equipment and products, covers most eventualities.


  • A low moisture rotary carpet cleaning pad system (with a drying time from as low as 30 minutes) will deal with most types of cleaning. Also used for agitation against stubborn grime and stains, followed up by the power of Hot Water Extraction Machines.
  • For the really heavily soiled / flooded areas we use the hot water extraction machines,(known as steam cleaning in the USA) truckmounted or portable powerful carpet cleaners, whatever is required for the job. 
  • No two jobs are identical hence why we cater for all eventualities.
Stain Protection:  
For all those spills and accidents. Give yourself a chance to get to them before they soak in and become permanent! Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to the major investment you have made with your carpets and upholstery. Stain protector is not always suitable and will serve no purpose whatsoever on some types of carpet. Please ask us about stain protecting your carpets and rugs and we'll let you know if we can. 
Latest News:  We are now working in conjunction with Kris at Kingdom Clean in Barrington, an up and coming carpet cleaner who has attended many of the courses within the industry.

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