Stone Floors

Stone Floor Cleaning & Sealing:

Further to our other skills and qualifications we also trained in dealing with your stone floor issues with proper cleaning and sealing.

Different types of stone floor require different products through the acid and alkaline scale, and using the wrong product can have disastrous results.

Granite - The hardest of natural stones being Igneous created from slow crystallisation of molten magma which cooled under the earth's surface. Some can be acid sensitive.

Limestone - Calcareous rock created from sediments, seashells and other organic matter. Acid sensitive.

Marble - A limestone which was subject to thermal metamorphism. Some have prominent veining and overall can be highly polished.

Slate - Metamorphic rock which is fine grained and can therefore be split into sheets.

Travertine - Starts as a calcareous dispersion deposited by hot mineral springs. This creates a honeycomb structure which shows as pits on the surface. These 'holes' are generally filled with a resin.

Sand Stone - Course grain compressed sediment rock. Very hard but porous requiring impregnation sealant.

Terracotta - Ceramic of rustic style made from natural clay. Very porous when untreated. 

Porcelain - Low absorbency and a type of ceramic

Basalt - Igneous rock, dark coloured, fine grained created from volcanic lava flows, with minute crystal hard to see with the naked eye. Can be pitted due to gases trapped during formation

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